Character Builds

Many of my tutorials spawn from whichever project I’m working on at the time. While I list a number of them on the Tutorials Index under the Character Tutorials header, they often only tell part of the story. When all the tutorials for a character are placed together, they give a greater picture of how I made a specific cosplay and a broader perspective of the techniques I used.

If you find yourself stuck on a project or looking for ideas, perhaps this list will help you out!

Fire Emblem

My favorite strategy game. There’s something about the strategy and dressing up your characters and different class outfits that gets me. FEH probably has my soul at this point.

Camilla (Adrift version)

White dress with floating purple straps and gold accent details
Camilla, adrift among the dreams

A long flowy dress with floating details appeared in a dream event one summer. While I still have yet to summon her, at least I can cosplay her.


One of my oldest and eternal loves. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough Pokemon on my list.

May’s contest attire

May's contest attire from Pokemon ORAS. Pink and purple gradients, gravity defying skirt, and more gems you can shake a stick at

May’s contest attire from Pokemon ORAS. Pink and purple gradients, gravity-defying skirt, and more gems you can shake a stick at. My sister fell in love with this cosplay and I knew I had to make it for her. There’s even a cosplay Pikachu to go with it!

Cosplay Pikachu

Princess Tutu

Magical girls and accurate ballet portrayals? Check. Death dance battles where ballets and legends come to life and try to murder you? Check check. Breaking the typical archetypes and stereotypes in the genre? Sign me up. Princess Tutu is one of my top magical girl series, and naturally, I had to make cosplays from it.

Princess Kraehe / Rue

The transforming dress

A combination transformation dress and a ballet tutu that defies the laws of physics. The two outfits were made together to work for a performance and have my sister live out her Kraehe dreams at a con.



Thunderbolt Fantasy

The source of one of my biggest obsessions and largest builds. It’s a wuxia action show written by Gen Urobuchi, designed by Nitroplus, and acted out using traditional Taiwanese puppetry and real-time physical effects. No, you really read that right.

Lang Wu Yao (concept art)

Red and gold hanfu with a flame skirt and a lot of shiny things

A glamorous hanfu blended with glamorous Jpop style with lots of beads and flowing details. While I did not document the hanfu process (it was before I started the site), here are the techniques I used to make all the details involved with this cosplay.

This cosplay was a finalist build in Crunchyroll-hime’s Cosplay Cup 2022

Lang wu Yao (movie version)

Long white hanfu with lace overlay and voile overlay with a weathered red pipa
Photo by JustinPinedaMedia on Instagram

Lacy white hanfu with draped details and accents with a weathered red pipa. Like with his concept art version, I made the hanfu before I started documenting on this site, but here are the techniques and details I used to make the rest of the cosplay.

Pipa details


Revolutionary Girl Utena, a 90s magical girl classic definitely best defined as theatrical, symbolic, and weird.

Ohtori Academy school uniform

Finished Nanami Kiryu in the Ohtori Academy uniform, looking off into the distance

Sailor-collared seifuku with humongous gravity-defying sleeves. This cosplay was tailored out of a fitted dress shirt pattern to make a front-zip cosplay that was easy to get in and out of. With how big these sleeves are, you may need to scuttle sideways through doors.