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Hello! I’m Sammy, aka LeafninCosplay, and this is my leaf pile, a collection of tutorials and helpful advice that can get you started with sewing and crafting or give you ideas for techniques. Everything in this blog can be done in minimal space. My workshop is technically the corner of my living room in a 900sqft apartment I share with my roommate. You don’t need a giant workshop or massive house to cosplay. You can craft and create cosplay in spaces as small as a dorm room!

If you’re new to making your own cosplay or not sure how to start, check out the Getting Started section on the menu. This features a collection of tutorials specifically geared towards getting started with a specific subject.

If you’re looking for something specific, the Tutorials Index is arranged by subject. Recent tutorials are located on the menu above. You can also find character-specific build tutorials on Character Builds.

Feel free to follow me on social media for updates on my latest projects, random posts about my artbook obsession, and games. And if you make something with one of my tutorials, let me know! I’d love to see your work. Remember, sewing and crafting are skills, not talent, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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Upcoming conventions and panels

SakuraCon – I am holding two panels at SakuraCon this year! Check them out if you can!

  • Cosplay on a Ramen-level Budget, Friday @ 2:45 in Panels 2 (SCC Summit building)
  • Posing 101, Saturday @ 1:30 in Panels 3 (SCC Summit building)

If you saw my panels, head on over to Panel Presentations to check out the slides and my notes!

Latest Tutorials

Stuffed felt pillow base for gravity-defying wig details

Sometimes you just want to cosplay a character that has a highly stylized ponytail or giant accents that don’t physically make sense. Spiking it up may appear thin or floppy and adding more wefts can get heavy fast. I once made a large Chibi Moon pigtail wig with 3 packs of wefts and I thought…

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Basic belt pouch to keep your phone in

When you go to a con, you need a place to put your phone. Alas, pockets aren’t always possible in all costumes, so if you have a belt, why not create a simple belt pouch to keep your phone in? You can also stash other small items like eyedrops or some cash in there as…

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Decorative vinyl and canvas belts

Sometimes you just need a custom belt or you can’t find one that actually matches the belt needed for your cosplay. That definitely was true for my Link cosplay when I needed a 3″ wide studded brown belt in my size. Fortunately, we’re cosplayers. We can make our own. This technique works best with soft…

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Paper mache decorative belt buckle

Sometimes you need a belt buckle. A really big one with decorative designs. Unless you want it chunky, foam probably won’t cut it. Worbla is expensive, though it does work. So why not paper mache? It doesn’t sound like it would work for a buckle, but with a little bit of creativity and digging in…

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Paper ofuda with sticker vinyl

Ofuda appear in all sorts of cosplays, from traditional to more fantasy designs. While you can print some out, others like metallic designs don’t work in a printer. Or perhaps you don’t have a printer but you have a vinyl cutter (or have access to one at the library or a maker’s space). Well, good…

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